How Networking Has Changed & How We Need To Adapt

I've noticed something intriguing about the world of networking. Most networking mixers are known to be a passing of cards- an exchange of information. However, business is not produced that way. Business is produced once trust is established.

How do you build trust though with someone you just met? It's as simple as anything else you do- you get to know someone. You grab a drink. You chat. You invite them someone afterwards to get to know them further. It's what I do. And it works! I have made countless friends from networking because I want to get past the idea of passing around a business card- I want to know who that person desires to be. What drives them? What makes them unique? Where do they want to be in 5/ 10 years? What are they doing now to get there?

We all hear the saying- it's a small world after all. Long Island has thousands of people living here. The concept of six degrees of separation seems to apply despite the odds. I've had some unique experiences happen at the mixers I've hosted. I've seen high school friends reconnect after almost 10 years. I've had individuals meeting their troops leaders from boy scouts. I've heard a couple dates also came out from meeting at our professional mixers. However the most incredible story I've heard thus far is that of a gentleman who re-connected with the man who saved his life years earlier by performing CPR. These incredible stories strike conversation! They show trust via connection! All of a sudden new doors open.

Should you pay for a networking mixer? I do.

I charge for my networking mixers because I see a different value. I see relationships start. Businesses develop & flourish. I've seen what happens when people get to know other people on a deeper level. Isn't that what it's all about? Connecting with others who may be potential clients? Or partners? Earning a good rapport that allows for future growth? Don't worry about the man who is about to leave. We'll give you the information for anyone who attends so you can reconnect after; so you can rekindle a missed connection. Just focus on the relationship building at hand.

And yes, I know business can be tough. We are all on limited budgets. We all want to be the next Steve Jobs or Martha Stewart with billion dollar companies that we helped to build up. Whether or not you attend my mixer- or any mixer- there is something I feel I need to share: No matter what you should invest in yourself. Because YOU are worth it.

No one is going to work as hard as you. No one is going to invest into your company, your product or your service if they do not see a value in you. Believe in yourself. Do not give in to struggles, setbacks or obstacles. All you need to do is a little something more each day. You might also ask what about the days that you can't feel the strength to carry on? That you just want to give up a little bit? Phone a friend. Reach out to someone from the networking world and ask for 5 minutes of their time. Ask them how they managed to overcome their last struggle. Help yourself to move a little bit further towards building a new friendship while still helping reach your future goals. I'm also here if you need. Just call me. (516) 938-1490 ext 1. I'll gladly give you the time. Just don't give up.

Go out. Network. Create new friendships. Rekindle lost ones. Give yourself a little guiding step towards your future. You can do it!

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