Tips To Enhance Your Networking

Do you have a hard time connecting and growing your business? Do you ever find yourself nervous? Unable to come up with anything to talk about? Perhaps your thought is “wow, this conversation is going nowhere.”

Here’s some pointers to help you not just meet people, but grow connections:

  • Arrive early. This allows you to talk in a non-competitive environment.

  • Relax & be yourself.

  • Body language is key: Smile and maneuver your body to face out, as if to invite people over to you. This goes a long way.

  • If the space has a bar area it is a good idea to hang out there even if you don’t drink, as it can allow for a conversation with someone to begin while they wait for their drink.

  • Think about what you can offer others instead of thinking about what you are looking to find.

  • Be inquisitive; ask other people about themselves. Conversation about business will come up more casually if you start off talking about something else entirely.

  • Ask open-ended questions instead of ones that can end in yes or no. This will keep the conversation going.

  • Create conversations based on passions, hobbies & interests

  • Can’t find anything to talk about? Talk about the setting or the event in general; what you like about it.

  • Know how to describe what you do in about 30 seconds. If you don’t know how to do this, write out what you’d like to say, time it & then get rid of the excess.

  • Keep conversations to only a few minutes as to not monopolize either of your time. You can always follow up later.

  • Ask the individual to whom you’re speaking with as to the best method of communication for them. Follow up that way.

  • To end a conversation use their name & let them know you enjoyed their company.

After the event:

  • It is best to message another attendee within the first couple days of the event.

  • When reaching out to someone, reinstate that you enjoyed meeting them & request a follow up get-together to share ideas.

  • Schedule your next meeting within the week so you stay fresh within their minds.

  • Don’t cancel. Show you are reliable. This will also help build trust.

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