L+M Travel Consultants

Vacation Planning Services


Everyone needs a vacation from their hectic everyday life. Let us plan you next vacation.


We have planned amazing all inclusive trips as well as honeymoons and small family vacations. We plan any kind of vacation you can think of to anywhere you want!


We will also take on being your own personal concierge while you are on the trip, booking all dinner reservations,activities, as well as transportation for the duration of your trip. 


Make the most out of your vacation, don't worry about minor details, We will take care of them. 


So the question is... Where do you want to go? 

How We Work


Initial Consultation- We will offer you a 1 hr. free consultation to go over what your ideal vacation looks like and the pre-planning that will be involved in terms of coordinating said vacation. All traveling individuals should be in attendance.

Up Until the Day of- After a contract is signed we will meet to go over what needs to be done to prepare a more in-depth itinerary.  Most of our correlation will be via phone and email. In-person meetings will vary.

Full Service Planning

Full Event Coordination

Responsibilities Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Being a liaison for all traveling individuals

  • Recommend locations, events, restaurants, etc.

  • Assist with negotiations for contracts and bookings of locations, events, restaurants, etc.

  • Create an itinerary

  • Arrange restaurant reservations

  • Organize children activities

  • Conduct research

  • Show virtual tours

  • Find resources through local vendors and venues

  • Negotiate Pricing and needs within a proposed budget

  • Create a budget sheet if warranted

  • Provide client with periodic progress reports

  • Act as a 24/7 Concierge Service for all your needs

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